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Reiki treatment

"Bring healing and balance to every level of your being"

Have you had the time to be still and see how you’re feeling today?

Are you feeling tired or stressed? Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you have physical issues that are causing you pain or discomfort?

Now, deeper, behind the more obvious surface issues, how do you feel?
Is your body trying to tell you that something needs changing?

Emily performing reiki on client

Emily is a warm and kind person. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I had my first ever Reiki session, my reason for going was to see if it could help with emotional stress…

I came out surprised at what physical and mental feelings I encountered, Emily explained everything with great detail which I found fascinating.

Emily performing reiki on client

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is a Japanese method of channelling the universal energy of which we are all made.

Reiki uses the meridians, which are the energy pathways within your body. When these pathways become blocked, our energy can not flow as it should, and it can cause a whole array of issues.

Reiki is a way of releasing these blocks.

Cranial massage release tightness

As well as releasing blocks, it also puts your body into a deep state of relaxation and your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) takes over.

When your body is in this state it can heal itself. Our bodies are usually in reactive sympathetic nervous system mode (SNS), our fight or flight mode, or ‘getting on with things’ mode, and in this state we can not heal.

How do we work together?

I would be happy to welcome you to my treatment room in my home in Le Somail, Aude. I take great care in creating and maintaining, a calm, serene ambiance that is conducive to healing. I want you to feel as comfortable and at home as possible.

There are no rules and no set way that a Reiki treatment has to work. I will tune into your energy, and ask you any personal preferences, so that you can feel completely at ease.

I sometimes light candles, or incense, play relaxing music, although some clients, prefer silence. I have blankets and pillows for you to feel physically comfortable, and my massage table can alter so that you can be more upright if lying flat on your back is not comfortable. Or we can sit together on the settee.

When you come for your first session, I like to chat beforehand (although this too is not necessary, and if you prefer to let your energy communicate that is absolutely fine). If you are comfortable though, it can help to discuss any particular areas you would like help with. You may not need help with anything in particular, or just feel curious about what you will feel.

I offer a selection of hot or cold drinks and herbal teas before or after your session.

Settee in reiki room
Tea and candle in reiki room

The second treatment wasn’t for any particular reason my body felt so relaxed and my mind was incredibly peaceful. I always feel energized and content afterwards.
I have recommended Emily to several friends who have also benefited from her healing.


A Reiki treatment at your home

Some clients prefer to have their sessions at their home rather than coming to my treatment room. I am happy to travel to you and have a portable massage table that I can bring along. There is an additional charge to cover my fuel and travel time.

Distance (online) Reiki treatment

Distance Reiki works in exactly the same way as a hands on Reiki session, but obviously without the physical touch. I connect to your energy, and am able to feel various physical and emotional sensations, and send you positive, healing energy.

I offer distance sessions either live via video chat (WhatsApp, Zoom……. whichever you prefer), or we arrange a specific time, you get yourself comfortable, lie back and see what you feel.

I recommend you find yourself a comfortable, calm, quiet place, where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session. If you like, you can put on relaxing music, or light a candle to create a nice atmosphere. Or outside in nature can also be very enriching.

If we are using video chat, then I can talk you through some breathing and relaxation exercises to start with, to allow yourself to switch off from the busy thought energy, and feel a sense of calm. We can talk about what you are feeling (physically or emotionally), let the energy to flow and allow you to release any negative energy you may be holding on to.

Amazing reiki therapist! Very relaxing and intuitive. Highly recommended.

The 5 Reiki principles

You will gain the most from your Reiki treatments, if we work together as a team. I can share with you what I have learned, and am continuing to learn, so that you can start to make positive changes in your life on your own.

The following 5 Reiki principles are not rules, but rather guidelines to enable you to work on yourself daily. There shouldn’t be any guilt or pressure to abide by these rules. If you slip up…… be kind to yourself and try again tomorrow….. it just takes practice!

One of the most important things that Reiki has taught me, is that I am not my thoughts, feelings and emotions

I am much much more. When I feel certain situations trigger upset or anger in me, I try to allow those feelings the space to flow in, be properly felt and understood, and then released.

There is nothing we ‘should not’ feel, no emotion is bad or wrong. We can just learn not to identify and hold onto, or suppress those emotions. If we decide not to feel something, we push it down and it affects our whole being. Feel everything……… in the moment it is happening……. and then see what it has for you to learn, and let it go.

Just for today…………

1. I will not worry

Easier said than done you might say! Of course it can be difficult, but worry causes stress and anxiety, and an imbalance of mind, body and spirit. Worry is the number one source of negative energy.

By trying to stay calm and have a more positive attitude, over time, you will feel a huge lift in your mood and outlook on life.

2. I will not be angry

Of course negative emotions like anger or jealousy are perfectly natural and part of being human. But anger is a primary symptom of stress and anxiety. If we learn to control our worry and reactions to certain situations – we can better learn to watch our emotions, without getting drawn into becoming them.

Firstly, understand what triggers your anger. Catch yourself when you feel yourself shouting or acting aggressively, and ask yourself, is this serving any purpose? Is this in any way helping my situation? If the answer is no, then let it go.

There are various methods and breathing techniques that can help you with this.

3. I will be grateful

Each day, list either physically or mentally the things that you are grateful for. You can start very simply……. You are alive, you have friends and family that love you, you have somewhere to live, enough to eat, the sun is shining… anything at all!

Gratitude makes us healthier, happier and more kind.

4. I will do my work honestly

This one is not only about honesty, but integrity and doing things to the best of your ability. I used to be a terrible multi-tasker, trying to get 5 things done at once, rather than one at a time.

In giving a job or task your full concentration, even if it’s peeling potatoes or washing the dishes, not only do you do a way better job, but it helps bring you calm and focus.

5. I will be kind to others and every living thing

When we do good things for others, it makes us feel good about ourselves, and that includes all living creatures. Try saying something nice to someone, petting your animal, feeding the birds……

Any kind act will empower you and motivate you to continue being kind.