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Well-being events

"Focus on you, and your personal well-being"

When have you really taken time out for yourself?

What exactly is it that you are feeling and what you need most?

Join a well-being event to really focus on you and your personal well-being.

What can you expect?

I organise many different events, and work with a wonderful array of therapists. You can see my events and sign up for them on Facebook.
Some events are held at our spacious gîte in Le Somail, and usually include a delicious 3 course home made vegetarian lunch.

I am currently expanding to work with new partners, and taking my wellbeing days to different local historical places. At these places we connect to the past energies, and that helps us learn and evolve in the present.

I can highly recommend Emily for all her treatments/services provided (Reiki, stretching classes, catering and boat trips).

She has a very warm and positive character with tons of energy and enthusiasm and makes everyone welcome. Thank you Emily… you are greatly appreciated.

Here are some examples of the well-being days I organize

Béziers cathedral inside

Guided visit to Béziers Cathedral

10am until 2pm
€ 95

Many of you who have visited this area of Béziers have felt affected by the history of its past and connected to the very powerful energies that the place holds. There is so much we can learn from these footprints of the past, in connecting to them in the present.

Johanna Ohls Stoltz and myself have planned a very special afternoon, meeting at the stunning viewpoint in front of Beziers Cathedral. We will be learning about some of the history and connecting to the powerful energies of this sacred place.

The price of € 95 per person will include:

  • A special ceremony to welcome and protect you, and also connect the group on a deep spiritual level.
  • A visit inside the cathedral, with enough space for you to connect to, feel and process the energies in your own personal way. But with the full support of myself and Johanna, and also the rest of the group.

We will then install ourselves by the river for:

  • A guided meditation aimed at connecting to nature and releasing any negative energies that you may be carrying.
  • A riverside picnic of home made, healthy vegetarian food that has been prepared with love, and with seasonal local ingredients aimed at grounding and cleansing you. All dietary requirements can be catered for.
Guided meditation setting in garden

Wellbeing day with lunch and 2 individual treatments

9.30am until 3.30pm
€ 115

We all know how busy the summer season can be with work, clients, friends, family and taking care of visitors.

Do you feel a build up of stress or tension nearing the end of a busy summer season? Perhaps you have not really had the time to take much time out for yourself, and see what exactly it is that you are feeling and what you most need?

Myself and Johanna Ohls Stoltz are holding wellbeing days at her beautiful home in Sallèles D’Aude. During this day we will help you focus on you, and your personal wellbeing.

The price of €115 per person will include:

  • An hour long class combining movement, stretching and breathing exercises aimed at opening the heart and connecting to self.
  • 2 individual treatments of your choice of the following:
    • Reiki
    • Cranial massage
    • Past life regression
    • Astral healing
  • A three course home made vegetarian lunch, made with local seasonal products. All dietary requirements can be catered for.
  • A group ceremony where we will connect to each others energies and set our own personal intentions of anything we would like to attract or let go of.
  • Time to relax and connect to nature in the beautiful garden.
Stretching with Emily

Wellbeing day with stretching and hypnotherapy

9am until 3pm
€ 95

I am very happy to be organising a well-being day with hypnotherapist Amanda Dickson. Amanda trained at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and is a fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy. She has practiced for many years in Canada, the UK and here in France.
She is trained in clinical Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy and Natal and past life regression.
Amanda practices in Olonzac and has helped clients with a variety of issues including fear of dentists, pain relief, trauma from major health events, smoking cessation and even forgotten passwords.

The price of €95 per person includes the following:

  • Amanda will lead a grounding meditation followed by an introduction to Hypnotherapy, including myths and misunderstandings, how Hypnotherapy actually works, different ways that hypnotherapy can be used to make positive changes in our lives.
  • This will be followed by a group hypnotherapy session which will start with an explanation of suggestion therapy.
  • Then everyone will be guided into a relaxed focused state where we will be highly responsive to constructive, transformative messages. We will we will learn self hypnosis, giving us a flexible tool that we can take away and use at anytime.
  • You will enjoy a three course vegetarian healthy lunch with all dietary requirements catered for.
  • After lunch I will hold a stretching class to really get us in touch with our bodies. We will do some very gentle yoga poses aimed at releasing stress and tension as well as improving flexibility and strength. This will be suitable for absolutely everyone of all fitness levels.
Duo treatment with Vanessa

Well-being day with stretching, meditation, massage and Reiki

9.30am until 3.30/4pm
€ 115

Life can very often get in the way or you taking care of yourself!
How often do you find yourself saying…… it’s not the right time, I’ll start some self care after X, Y or Z! Then when that time arrives, there’s another reason not to.

This day will be a much needed pause to reset and see what exactly it is that you are feeling and what you most need?

Your choice of 2 individual treatments to ease those tense muscles, and help you calm your thoughts.

I am really happy to be working with the amazing massage therapist Vanessa Bailey. During this day we will help you focus on you, and your personal well-being.

The price of €115 per person includes:


  • A guided lesson incorporating stretching, movement and breathing exercises aimed at really connecting you to your body.
  • Followed by a guided visualisation to put your body into a deep state of relaxation and connection. Your body is always trying to tell you something…. to help you…. and when we tune in, feel, and ask the right questions in the right way, we can receive some amazingly insightful answers.
  • 2 individual treatments of your choice of the following:
From myself: From Vanessa:
Reiki Deep tissue massage
Cranial massage Reflexology
Past life regression Lymphatic drainage
  • A three course home made vegetarian lunch, made with local seasonal products. All dietary requirements can be catered for.
  • Time to relax by the pool and connect to nature in the beautiful garden.