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A – Our highest self/soul/perfect alignment as a human being

is on one side of the bridge. We know we are in this part of  ourselves as we will feel good, joyful, peaceful, full of love, and only in the present moment.

B – Inner child/ego

is on the other side of the bridge. We know when we are here because we will feel fear, lacking, anxious, unworthiness, resistance, anger…….
When we are here we are never in the present moment. We are caught in our thoughts that place us either in an anticipated future, or reliving of the past.

If we imagine a beautiful bridge with these 2 parts of ourself on opposite sides. The bridge represents our awareness. Getting from B to A is a remembering. This remembering is not an action, because there is nothing to do except remember that we were always in both places all the time.
We do not need to travel across the metaphorical bridge, because we were already there at our supposed destination. No ‘journey’ is necessary. No end goal. We just need to catch ourselves in mode B, and then make a choice to remember that there is another part of us. A much bigger part. Now we make the choice…….. Fear or love. Ego or soul. B or A.

The middle of the bridge is a good place to be,

with awareness on both parts of ourself. Not judging the inner child harshly, or seeing it as something to be got rid of, when we catch ourselves there. We need this child, or we remain stuck with no opportunity for learning. It is a necessary part of the human experience.

We can imagine our awareness as the pendulum of an old fashioned clock, swinging between conscious (soul) and unconscious (ego). If the pendulum stops in the middle, then time stops, and here is complete present moment awareness. This is the space of creation…… Of all possibilities. This includes both sides of the bridge. From here we can watch both parts of ourself with acceptance of everything that we are feeling, then decide where to put our attention. No judgement. No right or wrong side to be.

To make this conscious choice we need tools while we are learning. Tools that tell us it is safe to take off the armour of the ego, and be vulnerable. Techniques or aids are necessary while we learn to use our own personal unique tools, with which we can cross into soul consciousness.
Our proclivity to compare ourselves to others is so big that we will want tools we see other people using, not realising that those tools would not work for us anyway. We have to know ourselves. Trust ourselves. Test different methods that put us firmly in the present moment and bring us joy. These are our tools.
Mantras, beads, breathwork, connecting with nature, movement, feeling sensations in our physical body…… It doesn’t matter, as long we enjoy it. Then we are in joy. Nothing can be forced. If something is not enjoyable to us, it won’t work.

Find the things that bring you joy and you have found your tools.

You have found your true self. Do/use them as often as possible to put you in this state of enjoyment. Being here brings more of the same feeling but in different ways. For example feeling love, happiness, calmness when connecting with a loved one, will allow you to feel those same emotions in other circumstances. Like attracts like. When you feel bad about yourself, allow those feelings, really feel them, the feeling of them then allows them to pass. This creates space within you, and here’s where you choose what you would like to fill that space with.

What do you want to feel?

What do you want to attract into your life?