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Keep playing with your notion of ‘time’. You are starting to feel this human construct as exactly this. It does not exist.

You do not really ‘age’. You remain the same. Your vehicle only looks different there in your version of reality, because you are living within this construct.

In reality your soul never alters. It is constant. It remains the same as it always was.

There is no ‘was’. Only now. You ‘are’.

Time is a trap. A prison made from an idea. A concept. A thought. A belief.

See and feel beyond this idea to change this belief. There is another place. A truer place. Outside time. With no rules. Where souls play and create together.

Everything is a gift here. Everything is love and every idea is loved. There can be no mistakes here…… They do not exist…

Only play. Only joy and pure creativity. No limits. Everything is possible.

Your only purpose here is to be in a state of pure joy. In joy. Enjoy.

You are completely loved, accepted and perfect exactly as you are.

Follow the joy to come here. Follow whatever it is that brings you joy. This is the only way to fully experience this place.

Sing, dance, play music, make love, behold beauty, laugh, play, explore, learn, open, allow, watch with interest, be curious………

Once the feeling is felt, put all your awareness on it, and it will grow. You will feel it more and more until it fills you up, pulling you out of your conceptual prison, and into truth.

The truth of what you are. A being of pure joy with the power to create whatever reality you desire.