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Your inner child is waiting but they do not know what they are waiting for. They are hiding, but do not know what they are hiding from. Only that it is not safe to come out. It is not safe to trust anyone or they will be abandoned again.

They are hiding in a place that is a prison of their own design, and can not break free from alone. So they are frozen. Stuck. Glued to this environment that is outside time and space.

There is no love here…… Only fear, suffering and an infinite struggle against nature. A battle that can never be won and can never end.

The subconscious has created this place as a vault in which to hide the most precious and important parts of who we are. Our true essence as human beings is hidden away from ourselves, leaving our ego to steer our vehicle.

Inner child

The wrong part of us has the wheel and is steering us in completely the wrong direction. The part of us that underneath the facade, feels inherently wrong, unlovable, incomplete and lacking, has been given full control.

How can we ever find and free the truth of what we are when our ego has the wheel?


He will never lead you towards truth and freedom for this means his death.

Before this birth, you chose every part of your story. You chose all the others around you to mirror all the different parts of yourself. Some mirrors are easier to see our reflection in than others, but they are all mirrors.

Some are so obvious that we can not help but see. Others we have chosen as a key. A key to showing us a way out of our prison.

These people see and feel us as we truly are. They are not deceived by the facade. They can see right into our hearts and feel our true nature, often when they are unable to see their own.

These soul contacts are made before taking birth and you are each a key for the other. Once you have understood this person’s role, trust your heart and intuition and surrender completely. They will really see you as you are, and this will allow you to really see these hidden parts of yourself.

As this process happens the bars will one by one start to fall from the prison walls, and you will realise the prison isn’t needed anymore, and isn’t real. You will no longer feel in danger or under threat, because they will only feel the truth of you and this will show you you are now safe.

They will see and love every part of you, so there will be nothing left to hide. They will see straight through your disguise and love that part of you too.
It will become obvious that the disguise is the frightened inner child, as the true one is discovered and set free. This process also acts as a mirror, with both beings freeing each other at the same time.

Love is the key. Let yourself feel love towards, and receive love from, the other. Love is the truth of your being. Love is what you truly are.

As love fills you up, fear is pushed out.  

Surrender to love. Surround yourself with this vibration as much as you can, until this truth permeates your being. Feeling the truth and beauty of the other, will allow you to feel the truth and beauty of yourself. Without these relationships this truth is nearly impossible to see on our own.

We have chosen this. We have chosen to forget what we are, so we can experience the wonder and joy of remembering. The beauty and perfection of this awakening is why we keep choosing to come back.

This paradox of life is to be seized and enjoyed. When true love is felt, follow it. When fear is felt, decide not to believe what it is telling you as it is never the truth. It will tell you in so many different ways……. You must be practical, you are not safe, you must keep doing things as you have always done them, fear the unknown………. None of them are true. 

Don’t choose practicality, choose freedom

Know in your heart you are safe

Break as many habits as you can every day.

Do not fear the unknown, as it is the best part of the adventure.

The surprises, the spontaneity, the new, the never before experienced.

Allowing this in creates and attracts more. Whatever we choose to allow in creates and attracts more…….. So choose joy not safety, course to trust not doubt, choose silliness over seriousness, choose adventure not the mundane, choose your passion not practicality, choose love not fear.

It all boils down to this one simple choice every time. Every decision, in every moment, keep choosing love over fear. This is the key to freeing your soul.